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Staying Safe Around Dogs

Here at Creature Comforts we know how  important it is to teach your children how to stay safe around dogs. Dogs Trust have come a with an easy to remember slogan that...

Cats and Taps

Cats can be very fussy about the water they choose to drink. They like fresh water so it is important to change their water bowl daily or if possible provide them with...

Litter Training Your Rabbit

Creature Comforts recently had the pleasure of looking after a pair of rabbits called Sleet and Snow. Our job was so much easier as their owner had litter trained them! Litter training...

Campaigning For Pet Safety

After research by the RAC Foundation and Companion Care Veterinary Surgeries suggested that 4 out of 5 injuries to pets travelling in cars could be avoided, Pets Corner has launched Suffrapets. They...

Jack the Clever Labrador

Creature Comforts have been helping to walk Jack a black Labrador, for his owner Tracey. He is a very special helper dog and has been trained by Tracey to assist her with...
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