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Why Vaccinate your Pet?

By failing to vaccinate our pets we could increase the risk of them contracting infectious diseases, a number of which can be transmitted to us.   Recommended routine vaccinations     Dogs:...

Do You Need to Groom Your Cat?

Whilst it is true that cats can take care of their own grooming, it is a good way to check for any signs of ill health and can strengthen the bond between...

The Yellow Dog Project

Are you aware of the Yellow Dog Project?   Some dogs need to be given extra space when they are in training, recovering from surgery or being rehabilitated. To indicate to the...

Micro-Chipping Dogs and the Law

It will become compulsory for all dogs in Wales to be micro-chipped by the 1st March 2015. This will not come in to force in England until April 2016. In April 2013...

Killing with Kindness

Do You Over feed Your Pet?   Many pet owners think they are being kind to their pets by giving them plenty of food, be it pet food or human food. Sadly...

Happy Birthday

Creature Comforts Wales celebrated its first birthday last month and we can’t believe how quickly that year has gone! We would like to say a big thank you to all our loyal...
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