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Pet Sitter or Cattery? That is the Question

In our opinion, when it comes to deciding between leaving your cat in a cattery or using a reputable pet sitting service then there really is no question to answer.

Pet Sitting wins hands down!

We pride ourselves on be able to deliver a tailor made service to our customers which will meet all their requirements.

As we see it, these are the main benefits gained from using our service:


  • Your cat will be staying in his own familiar environment thereby limiting any stress for him.
  • If your cat has a catflap and is used to coming and going as he pleases then this doesn’t change.
  • We can do as many visits a day as your cat requires, making sure he has the correct amount of food and a regular supply of fresh water.
  • Your cat may well be a house cat in which case we will ensure the litter trays are cleaned at every visit. Cats are very particular and do not like using dirty trays!
  • Some cats are very sociable and like to play, others enjoy being cuddled. On the other hand some are very timid and hide themselves away. Whichever category your cat fits into, we will tailor our visits to suit their needs.
  • We can check your property is fine, water any plants, put out the rubbish and open and close the curtains if you want.
  • A daily text update is always offered so that you know your precious cat is doing fine.
  • All in all we feel that you can go away without the stress of worrying whether or not your cat is going to be alright without you!