What to consider before deciding to get a dog/puppy. - Creature Comforts Wales

What to consider before deciding to get a dog/puppy.



You have made the decision to add a dog to your family which is fab.

Here are a few things that you might find helpful.


How much time do you have to devote to the new addition?

A puppy is a big commitment and needs lots of love, attention and training.

Plus as it grows you need to factor in the amount of exercise it will require.


If you choose an older dog/rescue dog you don’t know how it has been treated or whether it is trained. So you need to factor in plenty of time to get to know it.


What breed do you get?

Do your research. You may have your heart set on a particular breed but check first to see how big they get, how much exercise they need, are they easy to train and good with children if you have a family.


What will it cost?

As well as the initial cost of the puppy there are other factors to take into consideration.


Weekly food bill


Vet bills

Pet insurance


Kennel/pet boarding fees


Finally remember that a puppy will be part of your life for a good few years. Our faithful working cocker spaniel lived until he was 14. Even during the last few years of his life the vet would always ask ‘How old is your puppy?’.

He was a big commitment but worth all the effort and was very loving and loyal! He is still greatly missed.