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Two Lucky Girls!


Bubba (now Bibi) and Lili (now Bunny) were born in Turkey two years ago to a feral mum. These were the lucky ones, one of the litter was poisoned and sadly one was kicked under a car and died.

The girls have found a lovely new home here in Wales thanks to the efforts of Sammi and Linda.

To begin with Sammi, who lives between the UK and Turkey  took care of them as they had been abandoned by the mother in her garden in Turkey.

Linda lives in Turkey and looked after the girls when Sammi was in the UK. Between them they rescue a lot of cats in Turkey and also Romania (where cats are treated like vermin).

They linked up with Forgotten Felines to find someone to adopt the girls in the UK. Sammi raised all the money needed to fly them here through Facebook.

Natalie saw a picture of the girls on Forgotten Felines Facebook page and new straight away that they were meant for her. She completed the adoption process and got Bibi and Bunny in May.

They are officially Natalie’s cats now as the adoption check has completed!

Such a lovely happy ending and we have thoroughly enjoyed looking after them on two occasions now!